The Voice of Family Farms

The Snohomish County Farm Bureau is a voluntary, grassroots advocacy organization representing the social and economic interests of farm and ranch families at the local, state and national levels. By providing leadership and organizational skills, Farm Bureau seeks to gain public support on the issues affecting farm and ranch families.

Farming News

  • Snohomish Conservation District honors farmers

    Several farmers, businesses and the district manager were honored April 12 in Mukilteo, Wash., at the Snohomish Conservation District’s Better Ground Showcase.

  • Stocker Family

    Stockers of Snohomish named centennial farm family by state fair

    Each year, the Evergreen State Fair honors a centennial farm family. The farm must have been run by the same family for at least 100 years.
    This year, the Stockers of Hidden Meadows were chosen. There often are three or four generations working on the farm at once. Some focus on the 80-plus weddings hosted each year in revamped dairy barns, while others run a turf farm kept especially busy by the recent building boom.

  • Farm

    Project captures farmers’ histories, and more voices wanted

    The Snohomish County Farm Bureau has begun recording the histories of area farm families who have been living and working here for generations. The collection of interviews, stories, family photos and more is a way to honor the families.

  • Ed and Edith Stocker

    Ed Stocker, a pillar of the Snohomish County farming community, dies at 90

    The Stocker family has been on their farm for almost 100 years, and Ed Stocker's presence can be felt all around Snohomish, where he helped kick-start Snohomish's food bank — housing it initially in his own home — sold some of his property at below-market value for affordable housing, and was heavily involved in 4-H, Kiwanis and many other local boards and organizations.

  • Jim and Andy Werkhoven

    Family farmers at Werkhoven Dairy are making energy with manure

    At a time when many dairies were struggling to survive, the Werkhoven family, including brothers Andy and Jim, decided to try something relatively new and financially risky: With help, they purchased an anaerobic digester that would turn cow manure and other waste products into electricity— as well as reduce odors and unhealthy run-off.

  • Agritourism bill makes trip through Washington Legislature

    Farmers and ranchers with agritourist attractions will be shielded from lawsuits by injured visitors under legislation backed by the Washington state Senate and House and even accepted by trial lawyers.

  • Letter from Snohomish Sustained Lands Strategy

    The Snohomish County Farm Bureau recieved a letter from the Snohomish Sustained Lands Strategy for their contribution to the Farm-to-Table dinner.

  • Hunting and Farming in Snohomish County

    Scott Gunning writes about the positive relationship betweeen hunting and farming in Snohomish County.


SCFB Board Meeting
Garden City Grange
800 2nd Street, Snohomish

All Farm Bureau members and the public are encouraged to attend.