The Voice of Family Farms

The Snohomish County Farm Bureau is a voluntary, grassroots advocacy organization representing the social and economic interests of farm and ranch families at the local, state and national levels. By providing leadership and organizational skills, Farm Bureau seeks to gain public support on the issues affecting farm and ranch families.

SLS Letter to SCFB

Letter from Snohomish Sustained Lands Strategy

The Snohomish County Farm Bureau recieved a letter from the Snohomish Sustained Lands Strategy for their contribution to the Farm-to-Table dinner.

Hunting and Farming in Snohomish County

Hunting and Farming in Snohomish County

Scott Gunning writes about the positive relationship betweeen hunting and farming in Snohomish County.

John Goetz

Congratulations John Goetz!

"With help from Saint Martin's and the Snohomish County Farm Bureau I am able to choose a university that will work best for me." - John Goetz, Snohomish County Farm Bureau 2016 Scholarship Recipient


SCFB Board Meeting
Garden City Grange
800 2nd Street, Snohomish
January 11th, 7PM
Cindy Dittbrenner and Bobbi Lindemulder, both with the Snohomish Conservation service, will be making a presentation on an "Agricultural Resilience Plan"
All Farm Bureau members and the public are encouraged to attend.